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Fuelling the ambition of innovative companies

What we do

Grant Funding

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Get expert help to identify, prepare and submit applications for grants, from the national to the local level. 

R&D Tax Credits

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Get up to 33p back for every £1 spent on qualifying R&D without wasting your time and with the help of specialists. 


Patent Box

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Identify patentability, get patents granted, and make a claim to the patent box scheme for up to a 9% reduction in corporation tax.

Partnerships & Referrals

We are always looking to find great innovative companies we can help, whether you are an accountancy firm or digital marketing agency, get in touch to see how a partnership with inovasi could benefit your business, as well as joining our network with innovative companies looking to do more.

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Why we do it

Incentivising and driving innovation with tax relief and funding fuels innovation, which pushes the economy forward for "UK PLC" and creates advances in science and technology, and develops groundbreaking products and services.

Combining all the options available enables your company to benefit as much as possible by having all the incentives work together.

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Get in Touch 

The best way to see if we can help is to get in touch.

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Partnerships & Referrals

Accountancy firms:

If you are an accountancy firm, not currently having a system for outsourcing R&D to specialists, both you and your clients could be missing out. 

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Companies and Individuals:

Know someone who could benefit from our services? Refer them to us for a generous first-year referral fee for any R&D referral. If you are already partnered with us you can use any referrals to reduce our fee to completely nothing.

Partnerships & Referrals

Why Partner with an Innovation Firm?

R&D tax credits, patent box, and grant funding are all interrelated, and significantly influence one another. By strategically combining them in both receiving and claiming as well as opportunity identification, you are able to ensure you are always fully benefitting from the innovation tax-relief and funding.


We continually encourage all forms of innovation. By getting to know you and your business thoroughly, we are always trying to help it in any way we can, also we seek to find areas of collaboration between you and our partnered innovative companies.

  • Get rewarded for innovation

  • Get projects funded

  • Set your company up to be innovative

Partner with an innovation firm
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