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Grant Funding

Large innovative project funding.

Small LEP grants for businesses.

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What we do

We are happy to help in any individual step of the grant process or handle full management of the process.

Identify Opportunities

Review Eligibility 

Full/Partial Grant Writing

Assess and Review Application

Full Grant Management 

Innovate UK

Horizon 2020

LEP Grants

And Many More

Why work with inovasi? 

Get the aid you want 

We offer help in any part of the process, no need to pay for the parts you can do yourself.

Don't waste your time

With professionals reviewing your project, checking eligibility, and reviewing the opportunities available you won't have to waste your time.

Increase your chances

By using expert grant writers, you can be sure your project has the best chance of getting funded.

Great Experience

We have a growing team of expert grant writers across multiple sectors with different specialties. We can pair  your company with the perfect grant writer for you.

Integrate with innovation relief

By integrating your grant funding with patent box, R&D, and other forms of funding you can ensure you maximise all aspects of your innovation process.

Find out more about why your company should partner with an innovation firm

Get in Touch 

The best way to see if we can help is to get in touch.

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