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EIC Accelerator

Updated: Apr 22, 2022



EIC Accelerator Open has no predefined thematic priorities and is open to proposals in any field of technology or application. The EIC Accelerator supports the later stages of technology development as well as scale up. The technology component of your innovation must therefore have been tested and validated in a laboratory or other relevant environment (e.g. at least Technology Readiness Level 5/6 or higher). The EIC Accelerator looks to support companies where the EIC support will act as a catalyst to crowd in other investors necessary for the scale up of the innovation

Close date: 15 June and 5 October 2022

Max Funding: €2,500,000

Funding Percentage: 100%

Collaboration: Single



In a multipolar world characterised by increasingly strong economic rivalries, Europe seeks to preserve its open strategic autonomy. Such an open strategic autonomy increasingly relies on technologies and innovative solutions that respond to social needs, that are the cornerstones of new markets and wealth, and that may have an impact on individual and collective security.

In this context, Europe needs to maintain its capacity to act autonomously by building and strengthening its supply and value chains for strategically important deep-tech solutions for Europe, and to avoid situations where it remains dependent on other regions for access to or development of the related technologies. Furthermore, strategic technologies underpin and accelerate the shift to a greener and digital economy, are instrumental in modernising Europe’s industrial base and drive the development of entirely new knowledge-based industries. These aims are key to Europe’s renewed industrial strategy and action plan on synergies between civil, defence and space industries.

Scopes and specific objectives

This EIC Accelerator Challenge identifies the following set of key strategic areas and corresponding specific objectives for which highly innovative start-ups and SMEs are invited to propose new technologies, pioneering solutions and breakthrough innovations: 

  • Components, technologies and systems for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure security of supply including through synthetic biology and novel manufacturing technologies.

  • Strategic healthcare technologies building on Europe’s research strengths in cell and gene therapies, including ribonucleic acid (RNA) based therapies to ensure EU leadership.

  • Sustainable and innovative approaches, including circular approaches to critical raw materials (CRM) for new sources of supply/extraction, processing, use, recovery or replacement aimed at improving efficiency use, 80 so reducing EU dependency on external providers, and to build EU capacity at all stages of the raw materials value chains.

  • New applications of quantum technologies on the ground and in space building on Europe’s research strengths including the Quantum Flagship to put EU at the forefront of the second quantum revolution and leader in the deployment of such technologies as well as to support the EU Secure Connectivity initiative.

  • Edge computing applications including new business models to foster EU leading role in their development;  Innovative applications making use of data and signals from EU space infrastructures (Galileo, Copernicus, etc.) to ensure more prominent exploitation of newly available functionalities creating opportunities for breakthrough innovations across multiple downstream sectors;.

  • Development of space technologies, including those needing in-orbit demonstration (IOD) / in-orbit validation (IOV) services, for space transportation, telecommunications, satellite navigation, earth and ocean observation, space surveillance and tracking as well as on-orbit services, in support of EU competitiveness and non-dependence; 

  • Critical security technologies for secure communication, data security and protection of borders (while respecting fundamental human rights and freedoms such as the rights to privacy and data protection) to ensure safeguarding of EU and citizens’ interests. 

  • Technologies for innovative financial and payment infrastructures and services supporting the development of pan-European payment solutions, as enabler for the digitalization of Europe’s economy.

Expected impacts The expected impact of this Challenge is a significant reduction of the European dependency on other regions for deep-tech innovations and services of EU key strategic interest, and consequently strengthening of European competitiveness, security and open strategic autonomy. This EIC Accelerator Challenge targets highly innovative SMEs (including start-ups, spinouts) and small midcaps from any sector provided that they are developing innovative solutions within key strategic areas defined above, in order to be ahead of the evolution of the related technologies and capture the competitive advantages they can yield, accelerating their deployment and adoption within value chains.


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