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Geovation Accelerator Program

Updated: Mar 9, 2022



The Programme offers 6 months intensive support, structured to each start-ups needs aimed at help founders grow their business. Start-ups receive up to £20,000 grant funding and the equivalent to over £100,000 in benefits on the Programme.

Close date: 28/02/2022

Max Grant Size (SME): £10,000

Funding Percentage: 100%

Collaboration: Single

Funding Type: Accelerator

Fund Provider(s): Geovation


GeoTech Geovation is an initiative of Ordnance Survey (OS), to deliver its commitment to open innovation in the geospatial industry. The aim of this commitment is to gain insight to how geospatial data can further contribute to the UK digital economy and inform our own digital transformation. We achieve this by promoting, supporting and investing in start-ups like you. This year, our GeoTech track is specifically looking for early-stage start-ups using location data in the energy and mobility sectors, with a sustainability angle.

Proptech HM Land Registry (HMLR) joined OS as partners in innovation to support businesses revolutionising the property industry using data and technology, through the PropTech track of the Geovation Programme. The PropTech track is looking for early-stage start-ups using location and property data in the property industry.


Inovasi helps companies to innovate with innovation incentives: R&D, Tax Credits, The Patent Box Scheme, and Funding. Inovasi aims to save you time, so you can focus on the core of your business, we offer expert advice, you can rest easy knowing your claim has been strictly adhered to HMRC legislation, reducing the chance of an inquiry, maximise all aspects of your innovation process, experienced, up to date on the latest guidance and changes related to grants.


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