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Innovation in Water

Updated: Mar 9, 2022



There is £2 million available to fund innovative projects, depending on the quality of entries submitted. Entrants should bid for between £50,000 to £250,000 per entry. In exceptional circumstances, the judging panel may recommend that more than £2 million is awarded from the Innovation Fund.

Max Grant Size (SME): £250,000

Funding Percentage: 90%

Collaboration: Single only

Funding Type: Innovation Grant

Fund Provider(s): WC

Industry: Net Zero, Water Technologies


Areas for innovation

Innovation is not just about the development of new technologies – it can mean setting up new processes or systems to support activities; or collaborating in new ways.

We are looking for your ideas that address the big challenges facing the water sector – guided by Ofwat’s five strategic innovation themes, innovation principles and the objectives of the UK and Welsh governments. We aim to fund a wide range of entries that will showcase a diverse mix of innovative ways of working and solutions.

Ofwat’s five strategic innovation themes are:

  • Responding and adapting to climate change, including how to meet the sector’s ambition of net-zero emissions.

  • Restoring and improving the ecological status of our water environments, protecting current and future customers from the impacts of extreme weather and pollution.

  • Understanding long-term operational resilience and infrastructure risks to customers and the environment, finding solutions to mitigate these in sustainable and efficient ways.

  • Testing new ways of conducting core activities to deliver wider public value.

  • Exploring the opportunities associated with open data, stimulating innovation and collaboration, for example, encouraging new business models and service offerings that benefit customers, including those in vulnerable circumstances.

We have worked with Ofwat to identify a number of innovation enablers that will be particularly critical to growing the water sector’s capacity. The Fund will support initiatives that demonstrate and further strengthen these enablers, including:

  • Collaboration: Building and strengthening collaboration and partnerships across companies, the supply chain and outside the water sector.

  • Openness: to sharing data, insights and ideas within the water sector and between the water and other sectors.

  • Adaptability: openness to trying out new ways of working.

  • Managing innovation risk: including through greater use of experimentation.

  • Scalability & Deployability: improving the ease of scaling proven innovations within the sector.

  • Long-term perspective: taking both a longer-term and broader perspective on value creation.


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